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~June/July 2011 Edition~

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    Garden Reminders

    • Deadhead spent flowers

    • Mulch flower beds to keep the soil moist and cool. It also helps control weeds

    • Mow the lawn long, especially during hot summer months

    • Keep a watchful eye on the underside of tree and shrub leaves and treat for aphids as soon as they appear, not after the leaves are all curled up. Ladybugs are the best solution if the leaves get all curled up and sprays can’t penetrate. Most nurseries carry them.

    • Fertilize bulbs and most perennial flowers now. Bulbs are forming next year’s flowers inside and perennials are actively growing and producing flowers

    • Say no to pesticides whenever possible and use as a last resort. Physical controls or more natural alternatives are better options

    • Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials obtained from the nursery

    • Eliminate weed growth in the garden. Weeds use water that should be used for plants

    • Cut off the brown leaves of spring-blooming bulbs like tulips and daffodils. Don’t overwater the areas where they are planted because the bulbs will rot. You can dig and store bulbs for fall planting if watering is a problem.


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